Savon Lasituote Oy, Energiakuja 1, 74120 Iisalmi, Finland

Kari-Matti Ruhanen

+358 40 016 7851

Kari-Matti is an entrepreneur inspired by problem-solving and innovation. Thanks to his long career, Kari-Matti is no stranger to creativity and persistence, and does not hesitate to get his hands dirty; entrepreneurship requires comprehensive skills and an ability to find new, fresh perspectives. Kari-Matti’s goal is to create something new and unprecedented, and this is best reflected in the innovations of the Lucia product family. Using Finnish work and materials is important: this supports Finnish employment and high quality. His company wishes that Finnish and high-quality work is what sells. “We believe that manufacturing the product in Finland is particularly important in today’s world”, Kari-Matti says of the company’s value basis.

Reijo hynynen

Product Manager
+358 40 523 3067

Reijo, who works as the company’s product manager, is a Master of Science in technology who gets inspired by creating ideas and solving challenges. He has years of experience in the industrial sector. Originally a son of a farmer who later graduated with a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering, Reijo’s competence is focused on development, project management and product solutions. In addition to a wide cooperation network, Reijo’s extensive experience has provided him with a strong vision of development measures and their processing. In his work, Reijo is assertive and willing to work for achieving shared goals. Team work and collaboration are the cornerstones of his work. Maintaining a harmony between work and other aspects of life is important to Reijo, and he finds balance from his family and leisure time activities.

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