Smart Lucia


Time to make new kinds of memories

Smart Lucia is an intelligent and fully equipped glass space solution of the next generation.

Bringing together modern glass work and the aesthetics of nature, Smart Lucia is like a living painting. The surrounding landscape is painted on the glass surface, creating an indescribable experience.


Smart Lucia is an intelligent and fully equipped glass space solution of the next generation. The space can be altered to suit different customer needs. Smart Lucia makes instantly user-ready, transportable and adjustable spaces available for both companies and private consumers. Opportunity is the word entrepreneur Kari-Matti Ruhanen was thinking about when first envisioning Smart Lucia.

Smart solutions are no longer dreams of the future; they are a present opportunity for those with a pioneering spirit. Smart experiential travel is like the golden Sampo in the Kalevala, offering new kinds of experiences and unforgettable moments. This is particularly the case in the Nordic countries, where mythology, unending forests and expansive lakes create a unique and competitive concept when combined with modern-day experiential travel.

A traveller wrapped up in anthracite grey cotton sheets after taking a sauna, looking up to the sky to witness the ageless twisting and turning of northern lights as if dictated by some cosmic force, will get a sense of living in a parallel universe.

There are no words to describe such an experience.

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Smart Lucia was created in a sauna – a manifestation of Nordic mysticism, spells and rituals. Bathing in a sauna, entrepreneur Kari-Matti Ruhanen got a vision of sleeping under the sky in a cottage made fully out of glass. You could look at the skyscape right before falling asleep and upon waking. This was how the idea for Smart Lucia came up, in a place that had served as the wellspring of new life for hundreds of years.

Architect Teemu Pirinen used Kari-Matti’s idea as the basis for designing Smart Lucia. Pirinen, who is known for his modern, airy and geometrical style, is the winner of 2018 German Design Award. Pirinen’s design philosophy involves creating ecologically sustainable and healthy buildings that are unique and show character.

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Smart Lucia is brilliantly suited for use and living around the year. Delivering Smart Lucia on location as a ready-made solution makes it instantly user-ready: the structure has been designed as a product delivered to the customer in one piece, instantly ready for use.

Even the standard version of Smart Lucia provides luxury to your life. The indoors can be modified based on the customer’s needs and wishes. The foyer opening into Smart Lucia provides access to a bathroom and a lounge which can be fitted with a compact kitchen. The most important feature of the indoor spaces is an unrestricted view outside, both up to the sky as well as to the surrounding environment.

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