Smart Lucia brings together Finnish glass work, innovative design and natural aesthetics, allowing the elements to intertwine seamlessly. Smart Lucia’s structure is supported by minimal steel pillars designed to optimise unrestricted view to the surroundings.

The outer surface of Smart Lucia is fully made of glass with the exception of black seams between the glass elements and a glass steel tape in the lower edge of the structure. The result is a modern and streamlined look that creates an illusion of vastness. The same, timeless style is carried over to the choice of materials in the indoor space.


The main element of Smart Lucia is smart class. The selective coating used at the glass surface heats up when connected to the electrical network. The coating is fully transparent, making the glass look just like regular glass. The surface temperature of the glass is controlled with a thermostat, and the glass gets heated only when necessary. The smart glass will keep the indoor temperature at a comfortable level whatever the weather; on chilly winter nights and blazing summer sunshine alike. If necessary, snow detectors can be installed to the roof glass elements, in which case sensors will detect any snow falling on the roof and activate heat. This feature ensures unobstructed view to the sky, allowing you to look at the stars and northern lights.


Smart Lucia is installed on screw piles or a pre-cast foundation. A template for a 1:1 foundation is available for the groundwork, allowing accurate placement of the screw piles as well as plumbing, and water and electrical outlets. This makes installation run as smoothly as possible. All you need is an installation site that can be accessed with a self-propelled crane.

The easy installation allows changing the location of Smart Lucia based on different seasons, for instance.